Our church life was definitely affected. Until this day, we cannot meet face-to-face. We cannot gather for worship services, fellowship, Sunday School and for prayer. We just have to be content on what we can do online. Would that mean that the church is effectively denatured? Is the local church totally useless and irrelevant nowadays?


Back From Sabbatical

I am glad to be back with the CCBC staff in serving our church after a year of Sabbatical. It was a year of restoration, refreshing, and renewal. Like many of us, much of my plans were disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis. Much of my time was spent at home due to the lockdowns. I even had a bout with COVID-19!


Let Us Thrive

Stewardship is the careful management of something entrusted to us. What has God entrusted to CCBC? He has entrusted us with Finances, Facilities and Human Resources so that we can do a ministry that is deep and wide. We’re doing our best to let God use us to go deep into each CCBCer’s life, besides, reach different parts of the community and the world.


WORSHIP: Soundless Lyrics and Empty Halls

“No sounds?!” One Sunday morning, the comment sections in all CCBC channels and my messenger inbox were filled with messages about an audio error during the Livestream Worship. It was the first major technical audio glitch that happened since the online worship began and panic arose.

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We cannot get out. We cannot meet in groups and if we do we should be one meter apart and so comes Social Distancing. No more Face to Face meetings allowed… What happens to the WITNESS Ministry?